Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SGM Meeting, Manchester UK 26-29 March 2007

Looks like a great meeting, book now!
  • Intracellular life of microbes
  • Microbial transport systems
  • Bacterial colonization, latency and host adaptation
  • Blood borne virus infections
  • Training of medical and dental students - making microbiology more relevant
  • Soil microbiology: revisiting the past and developing the future
  • Protein expression strategies
  • Survival of Gram-positive pathogens during food processing
  • Systems biology of regulatory networks
  • Alphaproteobacteria: unifying a diverse class
  • Molecular aspects of virus replication from entry to exit
  • PhD: what next? (postgrads & first postdocs only)
  • Colworth Prize Lecture: Professor Paul Williams (University of Nottingham)

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