Friday, February 02, 2007

Immunisation Against Infectious Disease - The Green Book

The UK Department of Health publishes The Green Book, the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all the vaccine preventable infectious dieseases that may occur in the UK. In particular it deals with those immunisations that comprise the routine immunisation programme for all children from birth to adolescence.

Topics include: Immunity and how vaccines work | Consent | Storage | distribution and disposal of vaccines | Immunisation procedures | Immunisation by nurses and other health professionals | Contraindications and special considerations | Immunisation of individuals with underlying medical conditions | Vaccine safety and adverse events following immunisation | Surveillance and monitoring for vaccine safety | Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme | Immunisation schedule | Immunisation of healthcare and laboratory staff | Anthrax | Cholera | Diphtheria | Haemophilus influenzae type (Hib) | Hepatitis | Hepatitis | Influenza | Japanese encephalitis | Measles | Meningococcal | Mumps | Pertussis | Pneumococcal | Polio | Rabies | Rubella | Smallpox and vaccinia | Tetanus | Tick-borne encephalitis | Tuberculosis | Typhoid | Varicella | Yellow fever.

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