Thursday, March 29, 2007

Second Life Backlash

Second LifeAs Martin Weller notes, the Second Life backlash is well under way now.

Just like Martin, I don't get SL in education.

Someone please tell me what I'm missing.

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  1. I've been spending some time in SL lately. I agree there's not a lot you'd want to refer students to at present and there's too much replication of RL. However, I recently went to a small-group meeting on Eduserv Island which I thought was pleasant ( and productive and I think Genome Island deserves some kind of mention in dispatches ( Microbiology Island anyone?

  2. Thanks Peter. I haven't had much time for SL recently, but my conclusion so far based on very limited knowledge is that it is a conferencing tool rather than a teaching tool, at least at present.