Thursday, March 29, 2007

UK Science Funding Cuts - ePetition

CrestIn an interesting move, UK Government 2.0 launched the e-petitions system in November 2006, allowing UK citizens to, err, petition the government. The web site currently has an e-petition regarding funding of the UK Research Councils (read this):

"I wish the Government to review its recent decision outlined below:
The British Government has slashed the funding of scientific Research Councils by £68 million. The Research Councils most affected by this include the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, which has been hit by a £29 million reduction in funding, and the Medical Research Council, which is seeing a £10.7 million reduction in funding. The response of the BBSRC biological research council announces that the council will have to cut 20 new grants and reduce expenditure on new equipment."

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