Friday, April 13, 2007

If Robert Scoble can beg, so can I

Robert ScobleRobert Scoble's video podcast, ScobleShow, has been downloaded millions of times, but as of yesterday there were only three reviews on iTunes. So he used his blog to ask people to leave reviews for his show.
This isn't so unusual. MicrobiologyBytes has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times in the last year, and only has four reviews on iTunes (all good!).
Why the discrepancy in the numbers? Is it because everyone is happy with the podcast, or is it something to do with the fundamental design of iTunes? Do iTunes reviews matter? I don't think so, not for MicrobiologyBytes or the ScobleShow, which are primarily technical rather than entertaining (although Robert and I both try hard to put on a good show for you).
But maybe I'm wrong, maybe iTunes reviews do matter, so please leave me a review on iTunes. I'm begging, just like Robert Scoble. ;-)


  1. Of course, part of the issue may be that many of us don't USE (or even have) iTunes™. I'm pretty sure that precludes me from posting reviews on it...

  2. That's true, but that leaves thousand of people who do, so why don't they comment?