Friday, April 20, 2007

Save money - eradicate polio

Polio vaccinationGetting close to eradication polio has cost more than $5 billion, and the WHO predicts that completely eradicating the virus will cost another $1.5 billion. Vaccinating enough people to keep the virus to its current low levels over the next 20 years would cost more than eradication. A low-cost control policy that relies only on routine immunisation for 20 years with costs of more than $3500 million could lead to roughly 200,000 paralytic poliomyelitis cases every year in low-income countries, whereas a low-case control policy that keeps the number of cases at about 1500 per year could cost around $10,000 million discounted over the 20 years.


  1. Can really afford to stop vaccinating against polio when some "crazy" grad student could re-create it without too much difficulty/

  2. Good point. At the rate technology is progressing, maybe we will never be able to say any virus is truly "eradicated", i.e. gone forever.