Friday, April 27, 2007

Social Networking Site for Budding Entrepreneurs
Two final-year students from the University of Leicester have developed a new website,, to encourage social networking among students interested in one day setting up their own business, with the aim of providing a communications and support network, as well as facilitating potential professional contacts. By providing enterprising students with the opportunity to engage in virtual networking with like-minded individuals, the website's creators want MindCollab UK to be a source of guidance and inspiration - and a hotbed of original business schemes.
MindCollab UK offers a range of free services, including open forums, shared interest groups, personal weblogs and a user profiling system, as well as user-driven news and articles in order to tap into the site's members' potential. Initially, MindCollab UK will have a localised core of users in the East Midlands area, hopefully expanding into a nationwide service that concentrates on assisting the early stages of setting up a business.

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