Thursday, May 03, 2007

Accessibility 2.0: People, Policies and Processes

Brian KellyBrian Kelly has posted both the text and the background to a paper on “Accessibility 2.0: People, Policies and Processes” which will be presented at the W4A conference in Banff, Canada on 7-8th May 2007 (the conference runs in parallel with the International WWW 2007 conference). You can read his post here and the text of the paper here.

I like the holistic, consensus, approach proposed as this addresses past difficulties with accessibility approaches and is entirely pragmatic – something which matches my own approach to technology in general.
The only thing I would add to the proposal is that I personally would place even
more stress an evidence based practice which needs continual revision ("always beta") as users become more technically proficient and as expectancies change (e.g. problems with video, FLASH, etc).

This has the potential to be a major step forward for the accessibility of online learning materials.

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