Thursday, May 17, 2007


EyeWhat's the difference between glanceability and dumbing down?

Glanceability is about enabling "users to understand information with low cognitive effort".

So what is dumbing down?


  1. Isn't this all a matter of information visualization? I think that's a useful skill/technique to acquire rather than dumbing-down. Anything that gets rid of 3D pie charts gets my vote.

  2. I think glanceability is about multi-tasking. I want powerpoint presentations with glanceability because I may be doing some email at the same time. I can do both quite happily. Also I want glanceability with the radio because I don't want to sit and 'watch' radio - that's TV. But I may want to glance up occassionally. There may also be some relevance to the cognitive load stuff here.
    Or perhaps I've just dumbed down and not realised it?!!

  3. My kids multitask like most other teenagers: iTunes, MSN, Miniclip - and they can still look me in the eye and claim that they are doing homework when I walk into the room.
    I wouldn't say they are dumb, but they are ... different (young?).