Thursday, May 24, 2007


H2O Just when I feel I've got my head around SplashCast (see previous post), comes H2O (via Tony Hirst).
H2O is an open source, educational platform that explores powerful ways to connect professors, students, and researchers online. H2O offers playlists of online resources, Rotisseries, a more structured approach to online discussions, and, of course, RSS feeds. The introductory video has more style than substance, and left me more confused than before. Clearly it's early days for H2O, but I've subscribed to a few feeds, so we'll see what happens.
Anyone want to help me out with this one?


  1. Isn't this yet another OER project (YAOERP, YAOP?) to run alongside the likes of OpenLearn, Connexions, MIT, etc? Maybe it has aspirations to be the global mothership but (i) isn't that running against the tide of current thinking/events, (ii) haven't the OER projects covered (some of) that base already, and (iii) can't your average Web 2.0 aggregator provide most of this functionality?

  2. Yes, I think that was my problem - apart from the focussed RSS it provides, i couldn't see how it differs from other aggregators, and it seems to be lacking the potential of Pageflakes, etc.