Friday, May 25, 2007

More SplashCast Mashups

Tony Hirst pointed at The DNA Show and asked:
Are a few more shows going to be added to turn this into a fully blown channel? And is there any OpenLearn content we can mix in?
When you scratch the surface of YouTube, there isn't any more quality on-topic material which can be added to this show (these animations are expensive to produce), so I used what's there and made:

The DNA Show
The RNA Show
The Protein Show

I also spent some time trying to add flickr content into the mashup, without much success so far. Hmm, OpenLearn content, that's interesting though ... let's talk about that.

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  1. Here are a couple of search links into the openlearn, e.g. on DNA:

    Search unit descriptions(?)
    content free text search

    XML versions of the content is available from and can be converted to an RSS feed (if that's useful) via the Openlearn XML processor (if that service is still working...)

    If it wasn't for the UK only licensing requirement, this Creative Archive stuff may have been useful?
    Animated computer graphic showing the base pairings of the DNA nucleotides - cytosine, guanine, adenine, thymine.

    Here's an example of an Openlearn unit as RSS viewed in a Grazr widget. Not sure it's useful in this context though?

    E.g. I don't think that splashcast acts as an rss reader though? (When provided with a feed, it just strips out the media assets)?

    The openlearn xml processor is capable of pulling asset references out of the openlearn xml, but at the moment it only published them via an OPML feed. Maybe I need to generate an rss feed with media attachments too?