Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Online music technologies evolve

We7Interesting online music developments are appearing. Splashcast hijacks podcasters RSS feeds, Adam Curry strikes back (ho ho ho - PodShow, Schadenfruede - need I say more?).

Meanwhile, back with the grownups, Peter Gabriel launches We7, a new music download service that offers free tracks to users willing to listen to advertisements. After listening to the song with the advert for four weeks, you can download the song advertisement-free - the end of DRM approaches?

Update: Amazon to sell unprotected music Contains the usual inaccuracies from the BBC about Apple, in this case, failure to report iTunes plans to sell DRM free music. About what we've come to expect from BBC reporting on Apple in the last year - ever since they got into bed with Microsoft in fact.


  1. Having used it yesterday for the first time in a while, I'm impressed by how far SplashCast has come (when did it start handling PowerPoint files and generating RSS?). Reuse of material via RSS is clearly a hot topic (Pipes, Dapper, etc) and service providers doubtless have terms of service that impinge. Pity. I guess we'll have to resort to open content and our own stuff (memo to self to check SplashCast's terms of service...)

  2. Thanks for your comments Peter.
    It seriously looks as if DRM is finally cracking. I guess the music industry finally woke up - unless I'm missing something?