Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rate Your Students

Rate Your Students Rate Your Students is a confessions blog, along the lines of the fantastically successful PostSecret, but is intended as a riposte to
For me, Rate Your Students is a real emotional roller coaster, ranging from the highs of posts like We Do Hear You And We're Glad To Know You're Out There and A Mediocre Student Comes Clean And Asks For Forgiveness, to lows such as I Just Had a Whinge, And I Feel Better Already and A Day In The Life, without too much middle ground. The blog was started by "The Professor" who prefers to remain anonymous: "I'm a 40ish professor at a small college in the South. I once gave a shit what people thought of me, and when I finally escaped that trap, things started to happen."
It seems that students don't like being rated, even anonymously.

Update (via Stephen Downes): There is a correlation between the unofficial ratings and official institutional evaluations.

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