Sunday, May 20, 2007

RSS is a coral reef

Coral reefCoral reefs are hot at the moment. Steve Jones is into coral, and Dave Winer (the most original thinker online at present?) says RSS is a coral ecosystem.

Just as the crown of thorns starfish can decimate a reef, if Google buys Feedburner, will it become the crown of thorns, upsetting the RSS ecosystem?

Via Seb Schmoller:
  1. It is now simpler for citizens to organise or search digital things as they themselves decide, rather than for them to be classified for them.
  2. The links between digital things, and the tags and other attributes that people give them create a rich layer of meaning that can be drawn upon by others.
  3. The difference between data and meta-data is disappearing (except the the extent that meta-data is "what you know", and data is "what you are looking for". (this is the best definition of meta-data I have ever seen)
  4. Through Wikipedia and blogs and similar there is an increasingly public negotiation of knowledge, in which experts are decreasingly the arbiters of authority. (not sure I totally agree with this one)

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