Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shot in the foot

It's pretty clear that many students don't really get web 2.0, or maybe I've just forgotten what it's like to be young and reckless. Already today I've come across:
  • One student offering "essay writing corrections" on the new Facebook Marketplace (his tagline is that he is "an opportunist bitch! See Marketplace on facebook for details")
  • Another student blogging (with photos) about "drunkenly defacing the University's toilet posters" at a party.
So what's a 21st Century, socially-networked academic to do? Shop 'em, or hope that they grow up eventually?

Update: A UK university has written to all its students threatening them with disciplinary action for comments made about staff on the internet.


  1. I'm jolly glad my tutor didn't have access to my photos and drunken comments when I was a student! If our practical jokes (the best one being transplanting someones entire student-room furniture into the middle of the college quad, duvet, books and all) had been overheard we would have had no fun at University at all.
    Leave them to be kids for a while longer!

  2. I see that you are moderating comments, so you want to control me too?! I think an essential part of web 2.0 is the loss of control - let anarchy reign :-)

  3. I wish I didn't have to moderate comments, but since the spammers outnumber the genuine commenters by 10:1, I feel that I have to - unless you want 90+% of the comments here to be irrelevant.

  4. I'm not a Facebook user (but, hey, I got my first invite this week) and one reason might be that I don't fancy policing students or, for that matter, colleagues. That's not to say Facebook isn't good (it must be or there wouldn't be this fuss) but I guess we need to tutor students in management of their life online and then give them space to ignore us. The challenge is to do this without personal experience, appearing overly corporate or being generally thought a fuddy-duddy. I reserve the right to change my mind next week (I think I'll put this on all my posts from now on).

  5. Wasn't it Edmund Burke who said "All this is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing"? If you see evidence of criminal activity surely you have a responsibility to act?