Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blogging the news

Logo AOL has relaunched AOL News. The new design lays out news in an blog-like fashion, with excerpts of all the day's main stories laid out chronologically from top to bottom.

Dave Winer says good, river of news.

But Download Squad asks, does it make sense to present mainstream news on hundreds of diverse topics in this fashion?

It's all about loyalty (or otherwise). Blog design makes sense if readers are loyal and visit the site frequently, AND are interested in most or all of the stories. If they want to dip in an out and read what interests them, the design will frustrate them quickly, and the (highly successful) BBC News website is a much better option.

Why am I interested? Because I'm planning on microchunking academic content into a blog-like format next year. Will it work? Anyone tried it?


  1. Not tried it properly but I've been collecting stories in dabbleDb for possible future use/reblogging. Dabble's nice because it will harvest RSS feeds (from Pipes if you like) and then spit them out again as RSS. I've been exploring the feasibility of generating sequences from these chunks in dabble and it works up to a point (doesn't always validate and there's a link back to dabble I'd like to lose). Of course, I want to put some of my own content in there and get some students doing it too. Maybe try using feedchopper to serialise and feedjournal (or similar) to generate a newspaper-style pdf version -- if I ever get back from SecondFest...

  2. I need to explore Dabbledb (as opposed to dabble, which contains mostly porn!).

  3. Thatnks for the warning about dabble. It's your fault if the extra letters mean I get RSI...