Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Citizens of the future: From employers to further education

Ewan McIntosh Ewan McIntosh has put up a wide ranging post at which fills in some of the gaps in his recent torrent of posts from the reboot conference and extends his theme: blogs and podcasts are not just a gimmick, they are the future of learning.
Starting from one of his past posts, Just Because You Can Blog Doesn't Mean You Should, Ewan discusses "The Blogging Plumber" and why entrepreneurs need to blog. For me though, the most interesting part of the post is when he asks Are you faking it?
The one thing about students is that they smell a fake a mile off. Most VLEs are, to be frank, the most unappealing, unsexy, unused (and therefore pretty useless) investments that can be made. Free (and much more appealing, socially interactive) learning environments can be created with tools such as eduSpaces, Moodle or Word Press MultiUser.
and concludes:
Social Media can bolster the VLE
while warning:
I'm not suggesting that colleges should go into the playgrounds of their students in Bebo, MSNSpaces or MySpace
Don't integrate. Evolve
Food for thought about what we should be doing with web 2.0 tools.


  1. Erm, just being pedantic but isn't Moodle a VLE and don't you mean Elgg rather than eduSpaces (which is more of an Elgg-based networking site for edtech folk)?

  2. I don't know much about Elgg or eduSpaces (any users out there?, but when he referred to Moodle, I assume Ewan was implying "in contrast to Blackboard..."

  3. OK, I understand -- he's referring to (unspecified) commercial VLEs rather than VLEs in general, Moodle apparently being one of the good guys in this context. Sorry for being slow.