Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FameLab - Aarrrgh!

NESTA FameLab Now in its third year, NESTA FameLab is a national competition to discover "the new public faces of science". The winner will receive an international tour of speaking engagements, an internship at Channel 4 and a cash prize of £2,000. You can visit the website now to judge the video and audio entries and vote for your favourite.
But should you?
Is this really the best way to communicate science, by descending to the performing money level of Strictly Come Big Brother reality show phone ins? By encouraging the science is showbiz cult?
It's already obvious who will win, Caroline Johnson, because she is the biggest "babe". But what has that got to do with science? And what will the kids who are persuaded to take science degrees by this pantomime do when they find out that science is hard work, not headlines?
Is this really the best way to promote science, or are we admitting that it's all over and the media studies graduates won?

Update: So I was wrong, the geek won over the babe.

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