Monday, June 25, 2007

Just chill

While I was chilling on the sofa watching Glastonbury, Martin Weller's brain was whirring and came up with a couple of important posts.

Class divide in Facebook and MySpace: commenting on Danah Boyd's essay about class divide in Facebook and MySpace.
Summary: Facebook = middle class, MySpace = working class. (BBC Report)
I think they may be right. So which are you - BBC or ITV? I was brought up BBC, but now I've got cable ...

Martin also hammered a couple more nails into email's coffin (Email's sick bed). I'm not sure I agree with this post as much as the previous one. While email is in serious trouble (my students don't check it and my kids regard it as the Dad Channel), I believe the problem here is more superficial - email clients have not evolved.
Institutions will always require communications channels which rely on push (although using push and pull is the best option for information delivery). The Inland Revenue runs on a pull model - don't send in your tax return and you're in trouble, but they also push a lot of information through my letterbox and via TV adverts.
What we need are email clients which are intelligent agents, filtering, filing and prioritizing email more intelligently than they do now (and more intelligently than the spammers - commercial and institutional) = Google P.A.? Now that our email quotas are measured in gigabytes (well, GMail anyway but not most university accounts yet), we need to chill trust the technology - when it arrives.
And the 10 year timescale is probably right / possibly ambitious for these changes to filter into H.E. institutions general practices.


  1. Hi Alan
    yes, I'm not sure I agree with this post as much either - but I was slow on the need for blogs, so thought I'd get in early(ish) on this one. I agree though - you can't rely on some of the other forms for the serious, grown-up type communication an organisation needs to push at people.
    PS - I liked the editors at Glastonbury

  2. Thanks Martin.
    I missed The Editors (definite article needed?).

  3. Hi Alan
    It's interesting that when I move my mouse over the "Martin Weller's brain" link I get an advert for his book. Very ITVish!

  4. I'll collect my commission from Martin later ;-)

    I'm testing Amazon context links on this blog. It's a bit flaky, but it is a beta. When I mouseover Martin's brain, I get a book on interior design!