Friday, June 08, 2007

Kiss boring goodbye? Core animation

Mac OS X Leopard Wired has an article on core animation in Macintosh OS X Leopard:
Core Animation will allow programmers to give their applications flashy, animated interfaces. Some developers think Core Animation is so important, it will usher in the biggest changes to computer interfaces since the original Mac shipped three decades ago ... But creating animations like those ... is presently a complex and difficult task. Leopard's Core Animation will change that, giving the next generation of developers a set of tools that will allow them to easily create new, nonstandard, interactive interfaces.
AarghH! Nonstandard interactive interfaces? This is a Macintosh OS, not Windows! Of course the Wired article is just a piece of pre-Jobs hype for the WWDC in San Francisco next week, but the accessibility implications could be worrying.

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