Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nature 2.0

Scintilla Scintilla (Nature's attempt to jump on the web 2.0 bandwagon) just launched. As you might expect, it's a digg/ recommendation/social network wannabe.
Do we need Scintilla? This is already a crowded market where it is competing with older sites such as The Scientific Debate, OpenWetWare and a whole host of medical wikis, not to mention the science/biology/etc tags on the giants digg and Deepak Singh points to a few other web 2.0 properties, but cites Pierre Lindenbaum:
Shall I use this tool ? I don't know. I already use google-reader , technorati , etc.. to handles my resources, just tell me why I should change.
However, Scintilla has the 500 pound gorilla that is Nature Publishing behind it, so I wouldn't bet against it. To win at this game however, Scintilla is going to have to attact a large scientifically-literate readership away from it's present haunts, and fairly quickly.

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