Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pageflakes Paragon

Pageflakes Facing the frequent problem of how to explain the affordances of RSS to colleagues, I've fallen back on demonstrating three interfaces, Bloglines, Netvibes and Google Reader.
OK, so AJAX-based personalized pages like Netvibes and your Google homepage can do more than display RSS feeds, but I'm constantly surprised by how individuals react so differently to the various interfaces. Some people plug straight into the Google Reader "river of news" philosophy, while the more traditional two pane appearance of Bloglines works for others. And the interface makes a major difference to how they see and understand RSS.

For my own part, I've always preferred Netvibes to Pageflakes. It's not just that Pageflakes doesn't work with Safari, it's more personal than that. I can't fully explain why I prefer one interface over the other, just as I can't predict which of my colleagues will prefer Bloglines over Google Reader. So I was happy to sit here with my prejudices - until I saw Tony Hirst's post about the OUseful Pageflakes site.
Damn! This is going to make me rethink Pageflakes, and maybe even AJAX.


  1. I'd say that Pageflakes has an advantage over iGoogle because of their focus on educational modules and the ability to share pages - that's exactly what I want to do in an educational environment.


  2. Netvibes has the same concept as Pageflakes Pagecasts, released in the last 2 months, called Netvibes Universe. As of now, the only reason I would switch to Pageflakes is if the content changed and if they allowed "search within modules" option, like Netvibes. My only issue with Netvibes is that is slower to load