Thursday, June 07, 2007

Science teacher shortage

Einstein The Campaign for Science and Engineering (Case) claims that the government is failing to recognise and address the seriousness of the science teacher shortage in England's schools. Ministers claim that 7,500 science teachers were hired in a single year, but Case say this claim is misleading because it includes those teaching many more subjects than physics, chemistry, biology and maths.
A spokesman for the Department for Education and Skills said that £30m would be spent over the next two years to help recruit 3,000 extra science teachers and encourage more young people to study the sciences.

Some good news then. My personal experience with secondary science teachers during the last few years is that we need to be concerned about the quality as well as the numbers.

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  1. But will teachers be allowed to teach instead of having to conducts yet more SAT tests every few months on their pupils. And whilst I am on the subject, when will this government realise that teaching should be a revered profession, not a babysitting service. Give teachers more latitude to discipline youngsters and let teachers teach pupils the more fundamental aspects of what makes a citizen in society a value-adding product, instead of ASBO seeking yob! We need to move away from the PC methodology suffocating the teaching profession and get back to some sembelnce of reality in our schools, before we pass the point of no return. basically, LET TEACHERS TEACH!