Monday, July 09, 2007

Don't blog

Jakob Nielsen says Jakob Nielsen. Web 2.0-sceptic Nielsen is well known for his comments about RSS, blogs, etc. His most recent web article suggests that microchunking content via blog post-style articles may have a negative effect on the writer's reputation. Instead, authors should invest their time in "thorough, value-added content that attracts paying customers". He also says:
The beauty of the blogosphere is that it's a self-organizing system. Whenever something good appears, other blogs link to it and it gets promoted in the system and gains higher visibility. Thus, the 24 postings that are better than our expert's very best attempt will gain higher prominence, even though they're written by people with lower overall expertise.
Well, that's the theory Jakob, but any experienced blogger will tell you that's not actually how it works in practice. Some excellent content lags in relative obscurity while trivial chatter from A list bloggers attracts tons of links.
Nielsen takes a confrontational viewpoint, discussing strategies for "beating the internet". It makes me genuinely sad when Nielsen writes like this. I've been a fan of Alertbox for over a decade, but Nielsen's recent failure to "get" web 2.0, to embrace collaboration over competition through advances such as Creative Commons, open access publishing, etc, falls into the same trap as the declining music industry.
Not all bloggers are trying to flog products. Some of us are here to learn. Please stick to writing about usability Jakob - it's what you're good at.

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