Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How long is yours?

Nielsen/NetRatings Nielsen/NetRatings has moved it's website popularity rankings from the longtime industry yardstick of page views to begin tracking how long visitors spend on web sites (pdf).
Nielsen will start reporting total time spent and sessions for all visitors to give advertisers, investors and analysts a broader picture of which sites are most popular. The change is due to the widespread use of Ajax widgets which allow sites to update data continuous without users needing to pull up new pages, but in particular to the length of time web users spend watching videos on sites such as YouTube.
In the new rankings, AOL gets a big boost, largely because time spent on its instant-messaging software now gets counted. AOL ranks now first in the United States with 25 billion minutes based on May data, ahead of Yahoo's 20 billion. By page views, AOL would have been sixth. Google, meanwhile, drops to fifth in time spent, primarily because its search engine is focused on giving visitors quick answers and links for going elsewhere. By page views, Google ranks third.

So how long is yours? Sadly, Google Analytics tells me that mine is rather short ...

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