Monday, July 23, 2007

I have a dirty secret

Mail on Sunday Last week while I was on holiday in Dorset, I went to some trouble to buy a copy of the Mail on Sunday. Obviously, buying a copy of this execrable rag is not something I am proud of, and not an experience I ever intend to repeat. Although Dorset has not suffered the flooding that other parts of the UK have, we had out fair share of rain last week and I can at least recommend the Mail on Sunday for its absorbent properties if you are ever faced with as many wet hiking boots and waterproofs as we were.
Apart from my own shame, I also faced the scorn of my wife (for buying this right wing scandal sheet), and of my kids (for wanting a CD by the artist formerly currently known as Prince). Because, of course, the only reason for me to buy a copy of the Mail on Sunday is to try get the failing music industry to WAKE UP.
The Mail on Sunday is reported to have raised its circulation by a third (from 2.2 million copies to 2.8 million) by paying Prince half a million pounds to include his new CD, Planet Earth, with the paper (Prince nearly pips Princess). Prince shifts nearly 3 million copies of his new album. So what have we learned?
  • That the music industry is currently paralyzed in the headlights of the oncoming download trainwreck
  • That the general public still believe that music should be "free"
  • That Prince's new single "Guitar" isn't too bad, the rest of the album is mediocre, and I'm glad I didn't go out and buy the CD (lots on eBay for 99p if you want one)
And what about education? Who pays for that?

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