Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jorum: very, very 1.0

I was recently offered a small bribe to use Jorum and write about it. Since I still haven't figured out the business model for Education 2.0, and since I'm a money grubbing hack, this immediately got my attention.

Jorum is: a free online repository service for teaching and support staff in UK Further and Higher Education Institutions, helping to build a community for the sharing, reuse and repurposing of learning and teaching materials (reusable learning objects, RLOs).

It turns out that Jorum is a closed service only available to staff in institutions who have registered for the service. So bang went my article about Jorum as RLO 2.0.

All the RLOs in Jorum can only be used in accordance with the Jorum User Licence. At first sight, the licence seems to be pretty close to a version of Creative Commons, but it set me wondering, why not just use an appropriate version of the Creative Commons licence?

And then I found all the flaws in the Jorum licence. Apart from the obvious of restricting access to registered users, it turns out that users may not:
display or distribute any part of the Jorum Material on any electronic network, including without limitation the Internet, and the World Wide Web, and any other distribution medium now in existence or hereinafter created, other than by a Secure Network.

It also turns out that all the Jorum RLOs are subject to takedown. Under these circumstances, users must:
make best efforts to suspend use of the alleged infringing item and withdraw from circulation any materials that include it

make best efforts to remove from the secure network all copies of the infringing item and all materials in which the object is reproduced.
Not web 2.0 at all, and not worth bothering with.

So I won't be using Jorum or writing about it.

Can I have my money now please? :-)


  1. My recollection is that it does support RSS though and I even suspect I have a search that will notify me should anyone ever post an RLO relevant to microbiology. Of course, if the search is broken, I will never know...