Monday, July 23, 2007

July 2007 snapshot of UK HE SL

eduForge UK Higher and Further Education in Second Life - Eduserv Report.
This report summarises an investigation into the use and uptake of Second Life (SL) by UK Higher and Further Education. The research, carried out in the period up until July 2007, had four main goals:

  • to determine the "state of play" of SL developments within the Higher and Further Education sector
  • to discover how these developments are supported, in terms of time, funding and other resources
  • to explore the functionality of these developments, i.e. which types of media or interactive service they incorporate
  • to establish how "busy", or well-used, the developments have been and discover any impacts resulting from their implementation and use

July 2007 "snapshot" of UK Higher and Further Education Developments in Second Life [PDF].

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