Friday, July 13, 2007

Tour de France mashups

Tour de France Le Tour has still not broken out of last century, so no RSS feeds from the cheese eating pedal monkeys. Hence, for your edification and entertainment, SOTI proudly presents:

The 2007 Tour de France Mashups

BBC Sport Cycling: RSS
Google News: RSS
Phil Liggett: RSS
YouTube: RSS
Google Earth: Tour de France 2007.kmz
Flickr: RSS
EDUCAUSE Review 42, 4 (July/August 2007) 12–25:
A remix is the reworking or adaptation of an existing work. The remix may be subtle, or it may completely redefine how the work comes across. It may add elements from other works, but generally efforts are focused on creating an alternate version of the original. A mashup involves the combination of two or more works that may be very different from one another.

Here are my rather obvious attempts:

Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.

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I'm sure you can do better than this! Heck, you could even run your own Tour in Second Life!

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