Monday, August 13, 2007

CBI seeks 1,000 golden carrots for science and engineering students

CBI Logo The CBI, Britain's leading business organisation, is urging the government today to hand out a 1,000-a-year "golden carrot" to science and engineering undergraduates to help fill the skills gap and boost the competitiveness of UK industry.
The CBI also says the government should cut taxes, but it won't put it's hands in it's pockets to pay for better education, preferring instead to rely on public money while whinging from the sidelines.


  1. Can I play grammar pedant? I think it should be "its", not "it's" (and, yes, you can return the compliment anytime). And no need to post this.

  2. Thanks Peter, the odd one slips through!
    I'll leave the original to see how many other people comment ;-)