Friday, August 31, 2007

Good podcasts, bad podcasts

I subscribe to quite a lot of podcasts, but most of them don't last very long. A few uninteresting episodes or unreliable feeds and I'm gone. So what makes a good podcast? Well I've found a couple of new podcasts I like in the last week and I think they illustrate some important points.

AudioMedica Audio Medica is a medical podcast which uses an interview format with medical experts to illustrate recent significant publications. It's not particularly unique, and it's a field I'm only peripherally interested in, but what sets Audio Medica apart are the production values. The recordings are very professional (expect no less from any podcast worthy of the name - so recording the errs and umms in your lectures doesn't count), but the website is functional and clean, and the podcast is one of the few which makes use of the advanced features of iTunes, so hats off.

Grammar Girl The real find of the week, however, was Grammar Girl. I haven't been this excited about a podcast since I discovered French Maid TV. Grammar Girl gets it right. Excellent content, keeps it short and simple, a variety of subscription and download options. Oh, and full transcripts on the website. You go, Grammar Girl!

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