Friday, August 31, 2007

tumblr: less is more

tumblr I've been playing with tumblr, the lite-weight blogging service. I haven't really scratched the surface yet, but I'm sufficiently impressed to add links from my RSS tutorial.

Apart from the obvious (blogging), another use which has occurred to me is as a simple feed aggregator to people who don't want to get involved with more complex services such as Yahoo Pipes. Simply import the feeds you are interested in, then point at the RSS. Nice and simple. Anyone else like tumblr?

Update: Well, I take most of that post back.
Tumblr will not aggregate multiple RSS feeds.
Tumblr will not import feeds from Yahoo Pipes. There is a clunky workaround using Google Reader.

Tumblr seems to have died in the 24 hours since I posted this is alive!


  1. First off, thanks for linking to my site, I appreciate it. Secondly, a Tumblr team member had this to say on the matter,

    Tumblr and Davidville are both doing great and we’re hard at work on Tumblr’s next release. We’ll have something to say on the blog when it’s ready, I’m sure.

    This is not the Tumblr forum - it’s my personal site. Official Tumblr news will never be posted here.

    But your comment is duly noted. Thank you.

    So it would appear as though Tumblr is not dead, but until I see a post on the official Tumblr blog that states they are still around, I will be thinking otherwise.

  2. I was shocked that they promote a blog on their front page which has not been updated since April! My tumblelog has been frozen since yesterday and my email to support has not been answered. Great shame.

  3. I have my own Tumblr account and it's been working flawlessly for quite some time now. I just wish they would implement a way to discover new tumblelogs, and some other noteworthy features so that I could become more involved in the Tumblr community. Oh well.