Monday, September 03, 2007

Britain's ugliest buildings

Opal Court I've been giving newspapers a bit of a roasting recently, so let me give The Times some kudos for its recent comments about Britain's ugliest buildings. On the shortlist are two that we love to hate, Drake Circus shopping centre, Plymouth, which I've commented on unfavourably elsewhere, and Opal Court, Leicester:

Building student housing has become a huge business, not for the universities themselves - once patrons of the best modern British architecture - but outsourced to developers. I can think of few visions more depressing for a fresher than clapping your eyes on this shelving system for human beings as you weep your goodbyes to mum and dad. It’s another vast bulky box with no concessions to humans, thinly draped with bright colours to disguise its resemblance to a gulag.

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  1. have to agree about Drake's circus, it is truely awful.