Monday, September 10, 2007

The Facebook thing

Facebook logo I've written quite a lot here about Facebook over the last few months. Not because everyone else seemed to be obsessed with this social network, but because I was genuinely interested in it. And when I'm interested in a new technology, I like to immerse myself in it as deeply as possible. And after the huge disappointment that was MySpace, Facebook came as a relief.

Like many people, I started out by trying to get as many "friends" (we desperately need a better term for these social network links) as possible, but after one of my invitations was rebuffed by a blogger who told me she only approved friend requests from people she'd actually met, I came round to that point of view and pruned my list severely.

Of late, the Facebook bacn has started to get a little wearing, but the fact is, there are only so many hours in a day. So I've decided to stop updating my Facebook status, and use the time for something else. Like blogging.

And the Facebook backlash starts to gather pace.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I'm still to dip my toes in this particular pond and, if I try hard, can feel somewhat excluded as a consequence, especially by the tech fraternity. It would be interesting to compare the trajectories of Fb and, say, JISCmail in such quarters. Having said that, I suspect Fb (or something similar) will in due course become (i) de rigueur, and (ii) better focused, if only because today's power users, i.e. students, are tomorrow's academics.

  2. I made an additional more professional Facebook profile this week (sans zombies etc) to demonstrate at a professional development event my team is providing to our faculty.

    After creating a page for the event just this week, I've had two RSVPs from teaching staff outside of our Faculty. It might seem relatively small, but in fact I'm thrilled at the potential Facebook seems to have for cutting through our Faculty/fiefdom walls which have seemed somewhat impenetrable to me in the past. Or perhaps I'm being prematurely optimistic.

    I enjoyed your recent session at ALT-C.

    Debra Boyask

  3. I agree that Facebook is useful for reaching people outside of your institution who you would not come into contact with otherwise, but for me at least that role is better served by blog searches and my feed aggregator.

    > I enjoyed your recent session at ALT-C.

    Thanks. I enjoyed ALT-C and regret that I was not able to be there longer than one day.