Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What did I learn at ALT-C 2007?

ALT-C 2007 I've waited a week to write this post to try to make it as reflective as possible. So, in simple terms, what were the take home messages for me at ALT-C 2007?

It's not about the technology any more, it's about the users.
I realize many will say that this was always true, but in reality, in the past it's always felt like you were fighting the technology (especially Microsoft) to achieve the pedagogy. Within the last year, that genuinely seems to have turned round.

The perceived tensions between personal space and social space are not just in my head.
It's always good to have my own observations confirmed by others.

Dylan William: Quality control is more effective than quality assurance, as learning is not predictable by inputs but needs to be modeled around outputs - so assessment is critical as it allows for quality control. Teachers don't teach well until they are 6 years in and keep improving for the next twenty years. New teachers tend not to be good teachers - love the one you're with strategy. Fold your arms. Teachers do not create learning, they create the context for learning. We need a pedagogy of engagement and contingency. The right level of challenge is necessary to engage pupils.

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