Thursday, September 13, 2007

Witchcraft - coming soon to a shopping centre near you

witch The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization has ruled in favour of a group of witches in a dispute with Hammerson, the developers behind the £300 million extension of the Shires shopping centre in Leicester. The witches registered the website to promote their beliefs - but Hammerson wanted the website after it used the same name for the new shopping centre. The United Nations panel ruled the witches had registered the domain name legitimately. The company had offered to buy the domain name, but its bids were rejected by the witches.
Mel Gordon, who designed the site and acted as spokesman for the witches, said the site's owner Morrigan Wisecraft was delighted with the decision:

She hasn't been in the best of health lately. I think it has a lot to do with the stress of this. She was in the garden with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren when I gave her the news. She kept dancing around the garden, singing at the top of her voice like a 15-year-old.
Magic. The UN's attempts to sort out the Darfur crisis will now be replaced by a panel of witches.

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