Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bored at Berkeley

UC Berkeley has begun posting entire lecture courses on YouTube. Sounds interesting, right?
Wrong, totally wrong. A lecture is a lecture. A YouTube video is something else. So spend the next hour+ watching this, then tell me:
does this experience inspire learning?


  1. Ok - so maybe some lectures are not that interesting (though I have picked up quite a few useful things from the YUI theatre and Google Tech Talks..).

    What I think IS good is that the content is being placed in places outside the inside

    Which means we can start to play with the content to explore ways in whci we might be able to embed it in a context where is does have some value?

    So here's the first thing that came to my mind:
    UCB YouTube Video Lecture search via Grazr.

  2. Thanks Tony. Your Grazr is an improvement, but it only searches the titles, which are mostly not very informative. My point was that YouTube is not an appropriate format for this initiative - it's most about publicity for UCB. Other video sites allow annotation and internal indexing of videos - that would be much more useful.
    Ultimately though, do I really want to listen to this guy drone on?

  3. Check out what I had to say -