Thursday, October 18, 2007

How not to be a videoblogger

Seems like I'm drowning in video. These days, everyone want to be a videoblogger. Jaiku, a sort of video Twitter, just launched into this crowded market. Justin.TV may have started the craze, now everyone is on kyte (or TokBox or FlashVlog) but it's ALL TALKING HEADS.

There are some great examples of video podcasts out there. Rocketboom, BoingBoingTV, WebbAlert - they all have interest because they have variety, not just some dope sitting in front of a webcam. In these examples, the video format adds value to the information.

Even people who I respect have fallen into the trap. I've learned a lot about blogging from Darren Rowse, but his recent foray in videoblogging is a let down. Darren, what do your recent videos add to ProBlogger that I couldn't get from reading the text, or if you must, you reading the text in audio format while I check my email?

The reason of course is that there is too much overhead in making an INTERESTING video blog where the format adds to the value of the text. At the same time, the tools to produce and distribute video get easier and easier so that any idiot can do it, and it seems, most can't resist the temptation. So just in case you're tempted, here's the Science of the Invisible video guide to how not to be a videoblogger:

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