Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blogging is like crack for academics

crack cocaine Jonathan Bellman:
Some non-blogging scholars ... argue that blogging lures people to do damage to themselves and their careers. Quick hits for easy kicks, fun in the short term and personal ruin in the end - blogging is like crack for academics. And there's another argument against academic blogging that's familiar from debates over Wikipedia: how can anything of value emerge from a medium where there's no-one in control, no editorial board, no-one maintaining intellectual standards and norms of civility? Without such oversight, blogging is mere anarchy.
So is Bellman against or in favour of blogging? You'll have to read the whole thing.

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  1. or, one could say that blogging opens the door to discussions. As a Anthropology major, had i had the blog as a means of debate among my peers I feel I would have had more options to mull over during my research. One cant be afraid of "loss of control" from the academic structure in place in University. As with any source, make sure who is doing the writing, and cite and cross reference with the journals. In the end, its a great way to have discussions.