Friday, November 02, 2007

Making Tony Happy

RSS icons make Tony happy, especially the one in this link he sent me. So hopefully, he'll like this one too:

Sockie RSS


  1. PS The icon i was referring to in the linked to page is of course this one...

  2. LOL! I think between us we could educate the world on RSS... Fancy collaborting on the Really Simple Socky series?

    And as for the lonelytutor42... I was wondering whether that would be a compliment or insult... pheww... you have to make snap decisions on a live blog!

    Wsa really inspired by the talk and it is really great to have good example to use of YouTube education to take innovation to the masses!

  3. Thanks Laura. I thought I'd heard all the Sockie jokes, but "Sockratic method" and "Really Simple Sockie" are new!