Sunday, November 25, 2007

More on CourseFeed

CourseFeed Logo Tony responded to my original post on the Facebook CourseFeed application with his own thoughts on invading student's social spaces, and provided an interesting link.

I've been doing some more digging into CourseFeed application and now find it holed beneath the waterline for my purposes. I'm intending to use the Learning Objects CampusPack Blackboard plugin (and very good it is too) for my upcoming course. Unfortunately, the CourseFeed application does not pick up content from the blogs and wikis that the Learning Objects add-on provides, only the static content on a Blackboard course (repeat after me: "Blackboard is not a filing cabinet"). The blogs and the wiki are where the learning (synthesis in Bloom's taxonomy) are going to occur, not the PowerPoint presentations (knowledge in Bloom's taxonomy):
Blooms Taxonomy

BUT: Even if CourseFeed were to work with the Learning Objects plugin, I'm still not sure I'd use it, as I fail to be convinced that we should be invading Facebook. What I would like to do is to make students (who are already Facebook users) aware of the possibility of using CourseFeed. This is because the application provides another breakout from the Blackboard monolith, so that I can follow a "loosely coupled teaching" approach to my planned course, and still use the strengths of Blackboard (authentication, monitoring student progress and convenience), while encouraging students to create, own and maintain a sustainable PLE. In that regard, the CourseFeed application is not half as useful as the exportable RSS feed that the Learning Objects plugin provides.

CourseFeed only reports the static content on my Blackboard course, so I'm not going to point it out to students at all, because that's not what I want this group of students concentrating on. If they find it themselves, I'll congratulate myself on a job well done in enabling them to build their PLEs.

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