Saturday, November 17, 2007

On the verge

Chumby I feel like we're on the verge of technology evolving (Also Sprach Zarathustra plays in the background, early hominid throws bone in the air).

First the iPod Touch (no, not the iPhone, which is a backwards looking distraction to old technology).

Then the RM Asus miniBook.

Google bidding in the FCC 700 MHz auction (WiMAX = gMAX?).

Now the Chumby.

Something is about to evolve.


  1. Hey, if my HP iPaq could talk to my Zen Micro could talk to my laptop...hang on, they what are they saying to each other??

    I think the Chumby is a gadget too far - and so is my iPaq, actually; I'd dial back on that IF they had a better cellphone enabled one...because it's my entire downloaded brain; it just doesn't need to be a MP3 player AND a GPS as well!

    Late adoption, that's the ticket: wait until things have evolved from the primitive, through the complicated, to the simple. Or the IT singularity occurs (see Accelerando by Charles Stross; downloadable free...).

    I'll just acarry on listening to my Led Zeppelin podcast now...B-)

  2. But if my elderly parents had WiFi, I'd buy one for them so the family could broadcast to them.