Saturday, November 10, 2007

Speedlinking 101107 logo Yo mama so ugly she scared to go to the zoo
Never use an online translation engine to communicate with the Dutch Foreign Minister.

It’s all gone a bit wild west around this area of SNS
UK Universities On Facebook - UK Web Focus (and my quote of the week).

Blackboard - Customers Down, Profits Up

The big loss appears to be in Basic licenses, there is no evidence at this time that Blackboard is losing its lucrative Enterprise or Vista customers. The loss of the lower-end customers could actually be beneficial to Blackboard's finances.

The National Lottery is a tax on the stupid
Lottery operator Camelot has been forced to withdraw a scratchcard game because players were too innumerate to understand it.

Social networks overtake webmail
In October 2007, UK Internet visits to social networks overtook visits to web-based email services for the first time.

Poke Coke
Coca Cola is your Facebook friend.

If it ain't in a Microsoft box it ain't coming in


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