Monday, November 19, 2007

This weeks meme

Twitter shirt Last week's meme was reading ease scores (which now seems to be cropping up all over the blogosphere).
I predict that Brian Kelly just started this week's meme: the history of the web backwards, so here's my contribution:

The History of Presence Backwards

In 2007, the constant intrusion of "presence" into people's lives finally became unbearable. Psychologists denounced the harm caused by continuous partial attention, and the web giants of old began to stir into action.

The ancient search giant Google divested itself of Jaiku, and in March 2006, social networking and micro-blogging service Twitter closed down. This was a sign of the times, but further revolts against the constant flow of information from online contacts did not begin until the disinvention of Jabber in 2000, and finally the end of ICQ in 1996.

When they could see the benefits of not being constantly interrupted, computer users began to abandon email en masse, and the last email message was sent in 1965. Finally, computer users could go about their business uninterrupted.

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