Friday, December 14, 2007

Rampant Disintermediation (updated interactive version)

It's video Friday on SOTI. But then again, it was video Wednesday and video Thursday as well. I find myself posting more and more videos here. In part this is for a little light relief, as in the example I posted yesterday, because I believe that education doesn't have to be boring. But it's also because more and more well-crafted internet videos have serious points and are making us think. Take the following example. Anyone who has heard me speak over the past few months has had the pleasure of my views on the long tail in higher education. But the first couple of times Martin wrote about disintermediation, I scratched my head. Although this video is about commerce, it's not hard to see how the (humorous) message it contains applies to higher education:

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Here's another example. Take a look at these two videos about Second Life. Which one tells you more about the educational potential of this technology?

OK Tony, here's the poll:


  1. If you're going to tell me the second one, then you're illustrating the dangers of affectionate spoofing. I suspect your avatar will also get fed to the lions in the Media Zoo...

  2. Gilly's Media Zoo SL project is of course experimental and aiming to explore the potential of the technology, but my experience of SL is much closer to the second video that to the aspirations expressed in the firet ...

  3. I have been known to say that Leicester's involvement in SL is actually quite important, to the extent, indeed, that I actually turned up for the machinima shoot. I didn't make the final cut or you might have seen me underwater, effectively lagged to death. The SL experience can be bumpy but I think it actually has great potential as a stage for video so maybe we can agree on that as common ground. If you ever want to meet up in SL, let me know.

  4. Until we get SL access on campus here, it means working from home or at odd hours, so meetings are a bit difficult at present.

  5. OK, whenever. Meanwhile, keep up the great blogs and have a good Christmas break. Just realized that I used 'actually' three times in my previous comment so you know what my New Year's resolution is going to be...

  6. I've been trying not to say "So" since I posted this:

  7. I reckon you could have got away with the baiting tag there? ;-)

    And wot not poll? I think you can guess which video I'd have voted for, heh, heh :-)

    This is interesting btw - watch, then duelity

    (forget the 'bad science' bits, it's the form that intrigued me...)


  8. @Tony, :p. So I fell for the end-of-semester rope-a-dope -- if it's given you guys some pleasure, at least I don't have to send a card.

    I'm tempted to do some crowd-sourcing on the SLED list (3,500 members -- admittedly, 20% probably trying to unsubscribe) but, marginally more seriously, I do have issues with both videos.

    Re the MZ one, I remain to be convinced that the current u/g population believe SL to be cool per se though I think they'll recognise a good application of it when they see it.

    Re the spoof, I don't see why anyone would want to film (or teach) indoors post-WindLight.

    (looks for use of word 'actually' and presses Publish).

  9. Yay, another SL promo-type video. I 'actually' went to see some of the educational builds after the event and thought they were pretty good given the time available and the level of expertise at the start. I haven't seen the outtakes which is presumably what you guys want...