Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Second Life Media Zoo Launch

I rushed home from work (since we can't access Second Life on campus) and tried to go to the Media Zoo launch. After 25 minutes, the latest version of SL had downloaded and I logged on. The first two attempts to teleport to the island didn't work for some reason, but I got there at the third attempt just after 5 pm:
Second Life
I wandered around bumping into things for a while, but it seemed to be completely deserted, except for some ducks. I tried to talk to the ducks in case they were the avatars of a Beyond Distance project (Mallard?), but they just quacked at me, so I guess not?
Eventually I gave up after 15 minutes. Oh well, I tried.


  1. We were there Alan 16.00-18.00 but in the Exotics house not the boat house (which is where the ducks are). Sorry you couldn't find us.
    70 or so avatars arrived and listened to a talk and interacted. It was a good experiment and we all learnt stuff including to give and emphasize very precise co-ordinates. Gilly

  2. Sorry I couldn't find you. it's very frustrating to wander around in SL all on your own (not the first time that's happened!). Hopefully I'll find the next Beyond Distance event on the island!

  3. Good luck with the Media Zoo! SL had an off-day yesterday generally but elsewhere we had some fun at an informal workshop rezzing giant proteins -- and not a PowerPoint in sight!

  4. Wednesdays are dicey for SL demos because they often take the servers down for maintenance. Still I was at the protein workshop with Peter and for the most part it was fine.