Monday, December 17, 2007

Speedlinking 171207 logo Long tail evolution
The long tail is getting longer, but the head is getting bigger.

Towards the personalised learning environment: Reality versus rhetoric
Presentation by Steven Warburton, University of London.

Microsoft in Denial: Google Threat is Classic Disruption
To understand why Google is such a threat to Microsoft you need to understand how disruptive technologies work. If history is any guide, the Google threat will end badly for Microsoft.

Incorporating Screencasts In Online Teaching
Screencasts can be used to supplement teaching materials and can also be prepared in response to student email queries, then saved and sent to other students with the same question. Screencasts can be applicable across all disciplines for online learners.

BBC staff rewrote Wikipedia pages to water down criticism
An investigation of "anonymous" edits on the site has revealed that the broadcaster's staff rewrote parts of a page entitled "Criticism of the BBC" to defuse press attacks on "political correctness". Also included in more than 7,000 Wikipedia edits by BBC workers are unflattering references to rival broadcasters.

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