Friday, January 25, 2008

Kick-Arse Virology 2.0

Interestingly, while I'm in the middle of conducting my own "Virology Teaching 2.0" experiment (more of that later), comes news from two of my old internet virology buddies of what they are up to. At UVic in Canada, Chris Upton's students are talking to each other via a WetPaint wiki, and at the University of Otago in New Zealand, James Kalmakoff has just reported on his successful trial of using social networking in a virology course:

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James used Web Crossing software to allow the students to develop the social networks for this project, and is very satisifed with the outcome.

Our approach here in Leicester is leaning more towards an open-source environment, but I'll let one of his students have the last word on the value of the social approach to learning:
This site is Kick Arse ... It beats Blackboard any day
So I guess I'll have plenty of material when I bang on about social media at the SGM meeting in Edinburgh!


  1. Excellent stuff AJC and great choice of name.

    Couldn't come up with a better one if I tried.

    I spotted this blog on Jean-Claude Bradley's Fb blogroll BTW.

    I bumped into Jean-Claude at last weekends Science Blogging Conference. Unlike him, I wasn't even there. I simply joined in proceedings over the web.

    Must go and check out more of your blog postings =)

  2. Damn,'re getting me interested in upgrading my teaching despite my avowed intention to keep my head down and change as little as possible for the foreseeable future...!

    OK, OK, so I'll try and do a Chris Upton (can't let Canucks lead the pack) get a wiki going so the little darlings can educate themselves...