Monday, January 21, 2008

Life as information

DLD Jeff Jarvis is liveblogging the DLD (Digital Life Design) conference in Munich. His latest post is on the session with Richard Dawkins and Craig Venter on the future of the gene. Some of the highlights:
  • Dawkins says the gene is pure information.
  • Venter says is concerned that because the price of oil is in the hands of a few people, they can artificially lower the price to take away incentives for scientific development of alternatives. This is why he favors carbon taxes.
  • He says that evolution is already open-source; it happens all around and in us. The microorganisms living in each of our lungs are different as they adapt to our immune system. He says that we need to take more of a hand in that evolution.
  • Jarvis is fascinated with the idea that information becomes the building block of anything including life. Data are alive. Life is media.

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