Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air

Update: In the cold light of dawn, reality sets in. I won't be buying a MacBook Air, Why? Two reasons:
  1. The 64GB Flash-drive version costs over £2000. Buying anything other than a flash-drive configuration in this type of ultraportable makes no sense. If I was a road warrior and needed a laptop as my main machine, I'd go for it. But I'm not. And I don't. So I won't.
  2. I had been hoping for something mid-way between the stunning iPod Touch and a full laptop. This is a full laptop, not what I need. The killer? It weighs 3 lbs. So the decision now is whether to buy an iPod Touch, or... OK, decision made:
It's off to RM to order my Asus minibook (£200, weighs less than a kilo). The only decision left is whether to jump now or wait for the upgrade.

Want. Now:

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  1. I love the new MacBook Air. MacBooks are so cool.